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Which Side Will Declare Martial Law First? – Dave Hodges

HR 1111-The Democrats and the UN Plan to Seize Control of the Government - Dave Hodges


We reside in an universe of duality, mild and darkish, good and evil, robust and weak. Alongside these strains, each single federal company has loyalists and Deep State traitors working inside the facility facilities. They’re each vying for management. Each are competing to impose their will on the elements of the federal government that every aspect doesn’t management. It strongly seems that we’re shifting in the direction of martial regulation. The query is, whose martial regulation will it’s? Will it’s a martial regulation managed by the Deep State that must be predicated on a serious false flag (eg Reichstag Hearth)? Or, will it’s martial regulation based mostly upon a confirmed nationwide safety menace (ie the sedition presently occurring inside California).

Trump’s choices are very slender. He has trigger, at this second, to impose martial regulation due to the obstructionist actions by individuals like Governor Jerry Brown and the CALEXIT group. Their undermining of border safety, the promotion of thugs to hold out the elite’s agenda, are sufficient of a pre-emptive excuse to implement martial regulation on behalf of the administration-looking for-consolidation wanted by Trump forces.

The opposite aspect must discredit Trump to the purpose the place the general public will settle for a coup following false flag that will probably be blamed on Trump and his supporters. Who will win?

Presently, the opposing forces, inside our federal authorities, are competing for the management of each federal company. The battle has reached crucial mass. The “Trump card”, pardon the pun, is to realize final management by means of martial regulation, and the indicators level to a coming martial regulation resulting from depart cancellations and troop deployments, in addition to modifications in coaching modalities . In yesterday’s article, I postulated that we’re taking a look at Trump’s intention to declare martial regulation in California during which the facility middle of that state can be transferred to New California’s motion based mostly upon government order designed to right the continued treason and sedition presently happening within the former “Golden State”. A declaration of martial regulation in California by Trump forces would offer the pretext to broaden the dragnet and actual indictments for key members of the Deep State would begin. I’ve a number of sources who’re on board with the logic of this final assertion. Though this can be a excessive-danger technique, it might end in Trump rising as truly being answerable for his administration, which he’s presently not.

On the opposite aspect, the Deep State aspect, there are plans to provoke a coup, employed by way of a Deep State impressed false flag. To ensure that the Deep State plot to succeed, Trump have to be first neutralized, both by means of assassination or indictment, or no less than the specter of indictment. The specter of indictment might present sufficient justification within the public’s eye to oust Donald Trump. I do know, some are saying the President must be impeached and convicted, not simply charged by an Obama appointed prosecutor. However since when is our nation following the rule of regulation? I immediately’s local weather, solely the looks of impropriety is required to hold out the Deep State Democratic Get together agenda.

Yesterday’s article made the case that if Trump forces prevail, there shall be a transfer made on California and associated Deep State forces by Trump. The remainder of this text will look at some new proof which has just lately come to mild which reveals, not solely a Deep State transfer on the federal government, however a Deep State transfer on the individuals of america.

And simply when one thinks that they’re engaged on a considerably unique story, we’re fast to understand that we don’t stay in a vacuum. Dr. Mount simply revealed this video which accommodates most of the similar occasions and motivations of the Deep State.

A 42-year-previous ICE officer shot himself with a 40 caliber service pistol inside Pier 40 in Hudson River Park at round 11 am. Sources that I’ve consulted with have cautioned me to not essentially purchase into the suicide rationalization as the reason for demise. The knowledge is sparse however I really feel compelled to say that there’s not sufficient proof on both aspect of the talk to find out whether or not this agent was suicidal or a whistleblower that was murdered.

Listed here are some excerpts from the alleged suicide observe:

“The America I grew up in, and cherished, has been murdered by its own federal government.  Our Constitution has become meaningless and our laws politicized so badly, they are no longer enforced except for political purposes” the observe stated.  “Our elected officials are, to a person, utterly corrupt and completely devoid of any love or respect for the country which pays them.  To them, everything is about getting and keeping power, and making illicit money from backroom deals.”…

…“If the American individuals knew what this authorities is planning, they might rise-up and overthrow it. If I or anybody else within the federal authorities revealed what’s coming, we might be killed anyway, so now I’ll reveal what I do know.

We in federal regulation enforcement have been drilling for a number of years to regulate riots and uprisings from a coming monetary collapse and widespread financial institution failures. The drills contain life-sized pictures of American males, even ladies and youngsters, whom we’re advised to shoot for “practice” and to “get used to it.”




A few days in the past, I authored an article that was based mostly on an nameless e-mail I used to be despatched relating to the mechanics of gun confiscation. The context made it clear that the e-mail got here from somebody inside DHS. I need to repost an excerpt in order that the reader can clearly see how the dots join between these two sources.

Associated excerpts from The Widespread Sense Present:

I’m not completely on board with what I’ve been coaching to do with regard to People and their Second Modification gun rights. I’m eligible to retire in three years and my protests will accomplish nothing and I might lose my retirement. So you would say that I’m going alongside to get alongside.

 …There are individuals in our authorities who’re decided to take your weapons….

…We now have educated in mock cities on how we’ll accomplish this feat…

 …Our help car trains its weapons on the home. the assault groups include a dozen males every. The armored help car has orders to right away hearth upon anybody showing in a window with something that could possibly be construed as a gun…

If the occupants are nonresponsive, we enter after flattening the entrance door. Earlier than getting in, we have now already seen the schematics of the goal home. Sure, we now have the blueprints for nearly each home in America. We go in scorching and are educated to make use of lethal pressure towards any any all perceived resistance. We don’t use tear fuel, we’re educated to shoot any resisters…

…Upon getting into the home we’re educated to determine ourselves and order everybody out of the home underneath gunpoint. We’ve got educated on mock homes through which weapons have been hidden within the attic, beneath the mattress, in a protected and even in underwear drawers. If the seized weapons are legally registered, we seize the weapons and let the household return. If the weapons are unlawful or not registered, we take your complete household into custody. We now have practiced transporting households to differential holding amenities re youngsters, women and men are held in several amenities…

…One of many causes that I’m writing to you is as a result of you have got recognized Camp Grayling as a detention facility in the course of the Jade Helm drills. throughout that point my staff educated overseas solders on the camp within the artwork of securing new prisoners. My coaching of overseas nationals makes me suspect that future gun confiscation efforts can be carried out underneath the auspices of the United Nations though I’ve not been advised that. That is the place I half firm with my employer. I can’t take part in such an operation…

The lifeless ICE agent stated the identical factor. Again to the “suicide notice:.

…We’ve been advised that the financial system is terminally sick and can fail… We’re additionally advised the banks are all bancrupt and the FDIC doesn’t have almost sufficient funds to bail out depositors.  We’re advised these occasions are unavoidable and it’s crucial that the federal government survive when individuals rise-up over this….

…When the collapse takes place,  detention camps created underneath the FEMA REX-84 program within the 1980’s to deal with unlawful aliens whom we have been going to deport, will as an alternative be used to imprison American Residents whom the federal government feels represent a “threat.”  Americans will probably be rounded-up with out warrants and imprisoned with out trial for God is aware of how lengthy.

These camps have been outfitted to hold out Hitler-scale killings! An precise “purge” of People residents by the very authorities which they, themselves, created and pay for!  I can’t be get together to this.”…

…The federal government is aware of the army will rise-as much as cease this, so our army is being deployed abroad and deliberately concerned in overseas fights in order that they can’t be right here to assist People! That is why sure ammunition and weaponry has been faraway from state-degree Nationwide Guard Armories and over a Billion rounds of hole level ammunition has been purchased by the federal authorities. The states themselves have been disarmed of army-grade firepower so they can’t defend themselves from the federal actions.  That is additionally why native police departments have been militarized and supplied with armored automobiles and weapons of struggle…

Apparently, I interviewed the primary feminine guard at San Quentin jail, Barbara Peterson, and she or he validated the next assertion within the so-referred to as suicide notice:

Each federal jail has been outfitted with deadly fuel methods.  When issues go dangerous, all prisoners in all prisons will probably be positioned of their cells on lock-down.  Jail employees will depart the power, and a sure designated individual will set off a deadly fuel system.  All federal prisoners, no matter their crime or their sentence, might be gassed to dying of their cells. As soon as the fuel clears, the lifeless shall be eliminated and the prisons will then be used to deal with residents who battle towards the federal onslaught.

Please notice the commonalities between the suicide notice and the e-mail I used to be despatched from a suspected DHS agent. I consider as they occasions unfold, we’re going to see increasingly revelations like these. Sooner or later, a crucial mass of data can be reached. Nevertheless, one hopes that when nearly all of People grow to be conscious of their betrayal, it isn’t too late act. Like him or not, Donald Trump is what stands between you and a FEMA camp.



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