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When the Lights Go Down In the City – Dave Hodges

The Six Kill-Shots Directed At Humanity - Dave Hodges

It’s time for a two-half historical past lesson. Some People and some journalists in the Unbiased Media are awakening to the reality that a grid down, or perhaps a large EMP state of affairs is turning into extra probably by the day. With all due respect, the accounts I’ve learn are incomplete as to the historical past, the results and the specifics tied to such occasions. That is the first of a two half state of affairs.

The primary a part of the mini-two-half collection will concentrate on the EMP menace as expressed via the eyes of my former Congressman, Trent Franks. To Franks’ credit score, he took on the Democratic institution and tried to show this menace to the American individuals. He received completely no traction from the mainstream media, solely derision, and his pleas for prevention from such a disaster fell upon deaf ears regardless of robust proof supporting the want to take action.


The hazard to the US energy grid is lastly being reported precisely however not in its totality. There are two primary threats to the energy grid:

  1. The primary menace consists of a EMP taking down the grid, or some facsimile of this occasion by way of a cyber-assault. The Naval Conflict School estimated that inside two years of such an occasion 90% of all People can be lifeless. America would stop to exist as a nation. From what I’m studying, this menace continues to be being understated and the ease of this menace being carried out is being underestimated.
  2. In the event you assume the above menace(s) is grave, the menace to our nuclear energy crops is the most extreme menace mankind might face besides perhaps for a direct strike of a mile-large asteroid off certainly one of our coastlines.

Merely put, the first menace consists of the conventional excessive altitude nuclear blast over mid-continental United States leading to a grid down state of affairs as exemplified by the state of affairs portrayed from this graphic with the EMP results correlated to the altitude of the nuclear burst.

As one can see from the graphic, this info was introduced to Congress over 21 years in the past and NOTHING was ever finished to harden the grid.

How will individuals die?

On November 6, 2013, Congressman Franks wrote a really pointed and blunt letter to Frederick Gorbet, the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the North American Electrical Reliability Company (NERC). Franks collectively addressed his letter to Gary Cauley, the President and CEO of the similar group.

In the letter, Congressman Franks seems like a person who has had sufficient, is as mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore. Franks clearly sees the dire menace posed by an EMP grid take down and is more and more annoyed with the “Pollyanna’s” who’re appearing irresponsibly in the face of the menace, particularly when a few of these individuals are in positions of duty in terms of defending the public from a protracted and catastrophic blackout.

In the letter, Franks factors out that on “October 27, 2013, Nationwide Geographic aired a docudrama entitled American Blackout. The movie confirmed what our countrymen and nation would expertise in the occasion of a cyber assault on the US bulk energy distribution system and a ensuing shut down of the grid for 10 days. If something, the critical hardships, dislocation, bodily destruction, deaths and societal breakdown portrayed on this docudrama are doubtless understated“. In my final article, a Franks’ video was performed by which he stated an EMP take down of the grid would end in 60% of People dying because of the occasion. The Naval Struggle School places the demise fee at 90%.

Franks goes on to chastise NERC for the statements of considered one of its member electrical utilities, the Kissimmee Utility Authority which issued a press release, in response to the movie, which clearly chastised the Nationwide Geographic docudrama by stating that the threats have been overblown. Franks made it clear in his letter, that if something, the threats of the docudrama have been grossly understated! Additional, Franks went on to say that the time-frame which encompassed the blackout, two weeks, was a further understatement and “that a sustained blackout would be catastrophic”.  Franks additionally accuses NERC and its member utilities of traditionally underneath-representing the seriousness of the menace of an EMP assault and a subsequent energy grid take down.

The primary thrust of the Franks’ letter focuses on his lack of belief and sincerity that NERC delivered to the desk in testing the nations energy grid vulnerabilities in the November 13-14, 2013, Grid EX II drill. The Franks’ letter to NERC turns into an outright condemnation through which he accuses the most important sponsor of the Grid EX II. NERC, as being ” dismissive”  and that “the blackout prospects represents a catastrophic menace to the United States of widespread energy loss for probably months or years that would end in American society tearing itself aside and a horrific lack of human life.

Franks goes on to problem NERC to disavow the dismissive feedback relating to the blackout menace addressed by the Kissimmee Utility Authority. Franks additional challenges NERC when he says that “If, however, NERC and others involved in planning and executing Grid EX II are dismissive of those who believe such vulnerabilities exist-and if the planners are intent on using the exercise to hide, rather than expose, the shortcomings-Grid EX may actually be a grave disservice to the consumer, to the public more generally and perhaps to America’s vital national security”.

We truly witnessed a Congressman who’s exhibiting a excessive diploma of integrity and braveness in taking over this problem on behalf of the American individuals.

Congressman Trent Franks is definitely saying that NERC is to not be trusted of their previous statements and their actions exhibit the causes behind the distrust. In brief, NERC is an agent of the Deep State and the Globalists who will at some point use a grid down state of affairs to take down America.

All the Franks’ letter could be accessed at this hyperlink.

As a footnote to this example, Trent Franks was pressured from workplace. Right here is an excerpt from the LA Occasions:

A day after Republican Rep. Trent Franks introduced he would resign early subsequent yr, he abruptly stepped down Friday after a former aide informed the Related Press that he had provided her $5 million to behave as a surrogate mom.

In making his departure efficient instantly, the eight-time period Arizona lawmaker bowed to an ultimatum from Home Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.). Ryan informed Franks that he would refer allegations towards him to the Ethics Committee and urged him to step apart.

However right here’s the catch, the aide said that Franks by no means tried sexual contact and that he requested her to think about the supply, which is completely authorized. The help later stated her “meaningful assignments” have been lowered. The allegation was by no means quantified or exemplified. And right here is the most beautiful a part of this thriller, we don’t know the aides identify. She by no means filed a proper grievance and hooked up her identify to the grievance.

Here’s what I’ve discovered. McCain had his hand on this case and lengthy seen Franks as a menace to his insurance policies. Franks was the inheritor obvious to McCain’s Senate seat, which McCain didn’t need. Each McCain and Ryan are avowed globalists and the undeniable fact that Ryan, with out a lot as a proper signed allegation uncovered the take-down of Franks as a plot towards him ever turning into a Senator. Franks was a rising star till he opposed NERC.

In one other letter Franks wrote, he informed Obama that for the value of 1 B1 Bomber, roughly $2 billion, the complete grid might be hardened towards an EMP assault. Franks was relentless in his pursuit of defending the grid. As early as 2008, I attended a group of my private place of worship at the moment, Group Church of Pleasure, and to a packed constructing Franks performed a 20 minute documentary from the DOD which detailed what a excessive altitude burst would do the grid. This was the first time I ever heard the casualty figures. Inside two years, 90% of all People can be lifeless.

It’s my perception, that each McCain and Ryan knew what was probably coming and Franks needed to be silenced.

One Second After writer William Forstchen write maybe the most salient account in an occasion that may deliver down the grid. Forstchen cites a 2004 research on the impression of such an assault on America through which is estimated that testimony in that research stated 90% of all People would die inside 12-18 months of an EMP assault.

As many as 500,000 deaths will happen instantly following a big-scale EMP occasion as business airliners lose energy and drop from the sky.

The most important reason for dying can be lack of entry to drinkable water. Earlier than electrical energy individuals both had wells or lived close to a water supply. Immediately, in a  grid down state of affairs, so does the water. The one exception to this is able to be these locations the place water was delivered by gravity. Hundreds of thousands of individuals will die from lack of water and from water borne sickness introduced on by consuming contaminated water. Although many residents of rural areas nonetheless depend on wells, most use electrical energy. Ten million individuals would quickly with out water in LA as a result of the majority of water is electronically pumped over a mountain vary.

Individuals who depend on medical know-how would quickly perish. Pacemakers give out. Dialysis machines cease working. I need to be clear, everybody on hospital life help methods will die.

Excessive warmth and chilly will turn into life-threatening.

Carbon monoxide poisonings will improve exponentially.

Hunger is an actual menace since the simply-in-time-supply would stop and the shops can be empty inside a day.

Native warfare and widespread violence would escape in try and safe wanted assets.

That is simply the brief record. Half two will describe the main menace coming from this type of a state of affairs and that is the biggest menace of all of them.

The Century Hyperlink occasion, which is rising weirder by the second, might very nicely be a Beta-check. Moreover, FEMA has warned America to be ready to be with out energy for six months or longer. They’ve produced pamphlets which element the hazard areas. But, we’re nonetheless doing nothing to guard towards the penalties of such an occasion.


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