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Voter Fraud? What Voter Fraud? How America Will End – Dave Hodges

After Reading This, How Can Anyone Vote Democratic On November 6th? - Dave Hodges





The next is an evaluation of what has been discovered concerning the sample America will comply with on the trail to its demise and ultimate resting place. However America isn’t simply going to finish, it’ll, and already is, morphing into a brand new entity which might be full divorced from its unique founding rules and tradition.

The Foundations of God, Household, Nation

The three virtues listed within the subtitle is what America used to aspire to be. Due to our sinful nature, America by no means achieved nice heights with regard to the attainment of our beliefs, however at the very least the beliefs have been in place.

These three objectives dominated our objectives. That is not true as witchcraft now occupies an equal place to Christianity. Over half of our youngsters develop up in a damaged house and our youngsters attend faculties who not train or aspire to the perfect of American excellence. America is not a nation of guidelines. It’s a nation of energy, greed and avarice. Each perversion is embraced and people who nonetheless aspire to conventional values (e.g. Christian, professional-Structure) are labeled as home terrorists in such authorities paperwork because the 2008 MIAC Report. Up is down and down is up.

Russian defectors warned us this may be coming because the Communist/Muslim Brotherhood affect dominate the nationwide agenda and particularly, the Democratic get together that has been chosen to finish the take down of America.

America has develop into a rudderless ship of amoral and immoral individuals forged adrift in a sea depravity and Satanic rules.

Management of the Media

The place a 1968 Brady Bunch TV episode was the FIRST ever TV present to show a husband and spouse sleeping in the identical mattress, in the present day’s shows on TV relating to language, sexual conduct and adherence to the rule of regulation are nearly non-existent. We make enjoyable of basic TV exhibits similar to Depart It to Beaver, but, this was the Comfortable Days norm.

As an alternative of leisure that mirrored a consensus of ethical values being displayed in our TV exhibits, literature and films, these entities at the moment are the development setters. The smug idea of Hollywood is on full show as they  proceed to take America to new depths of depravity and I’m talking about Breeder Infants, trafficking and much left attitudes which are hypercritical of something representing God, household and nation. A nation that follows the values of Hollywood is a misplaced nation.

The Information Media

For a nation to lose its method and descend into conventional one-world globalism that’s decidedly Satanic in nature, the circulate of data have to be managed. And due to Invoice Clinton, the FCC broadcast laws needed to be modified they usually have been within the mid 1990’s when Invoice Clinton permitted laws to be struck down that prevented limitless media possession by a choose few. It was unlawful to personal a newspaper and a radio station in the identical market, or one TV station and one radio station. TODAY, SIX MEN CONTROL 95%+ OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. And once more, something that represents conventional American values is forged in a damaging mild because the individuals are bombarded with the relentless brainwashing of messages that promote Godless conduct and the acceptance of the New World Order agenda and America, for probably the most half, has turn out to be “Dumb unto death” as Steve Quayle likes to name it.

Most of America doesn’t even know that their nation is being destroyed together with their collective futures. This isn’t about driving out a nasty financial cycle whereas ready for the great ‘ole days to return. This isn’t about American downturn, that is about an American takedown.

In the middle of my life, I’ve witnessed many a dying individual rally and virtually look like on the street to restoration, solely to provide in to the lethal onslaught caused by a failed immune system. That is what America simply encountered with the election of Donald Trump. For one shining second, America threw off the propaganda shackles and did simply sufficient to get Donald Trump elected after which they went again to sleep. The position of the Unbiased Media (IM) can’t be overstated when it got here to getting Trump elected. The IM gave the beforehand ignorant and downtrodden a gathering place as Trump’s the America first message was repeated time and again.

Lapsed Right into a Coma

Trump was elected after which America went again to sleep. The politically ignorant simply assumed that Donald Trump would experience in on his white horse and save the day.

Trump faces a hostile Congress, over the subsequent two years that’s owned by the firms which might be sponsoring the American-job-killing free commerce agreements and espouse completely open borders it doesn’t matter what the price. The one method that the Trump agenda might be carried out was to vary Congress (2016), or have the general public intimidate Congress with unelection and voter fraud (2018). To perform the latter, if simply half the people who voted for Trump would ship a every day e-mail, or make a every day name to one among their elected representatives, these so-referred to as representatives of the individuals can be afraid to return out of their Congressional workplaces. They could possibly be intimidated by the general public. If that technique failed, and it wouldn’t, then voting out all incumbents in 2018 might produce the identical end in that we might discover a prepared Congress to implement truthful commerce offers and implement affordable immigration legal guidelines that shield and profit the residents of this nation. However most People in all probability don’t even know who the incumbent is and we’re slipping again to the first step because the nation goes again to sleep. America simply went by way of the part the place it rallied from dying’s doorstep solely to slide into its remaining coma.

The Globalists Are Taking Out the Eyes and Ears of the Individuals

The globalists rightfully blame the IM for getting Trump elected and delaying their takeover of the nation. Now the social media giants of Fb, Youtube and Twitter are dismantling the IM one broadcaster, one author, one activist at a time. Trump gave the nation an opportunity to develop into a nation of activists and as an alternative we’re a nation of slacktivists.

With the continued take down of the IM (e.g. Alex Jones, Paul Watson, Lisa Haven and myself to call a number of), the Rip Van Winkles’ of this nation will no one to awaken them from their slumber for the ultimate battle. Inside 6 months, the eyes and ears of the individuals will probably be all however gone. The individuals won’t ever know what hit them they usually definitely won’t have a centralized rallying level from which to arrange towards this deliberate and remaining takeover.

Some have requested me why don’t the globalists simply takeover proper now all of sudden. The primary reply to that query is that the globalists usually are not plundering the assets and the labor of the individuals. When the final little bit of blood has been squeezed from the final turnip, the top will come swiftly.

When the ultimate assets are gone and the citizen journalists are out of the best way, the trail to nationwide Armageddon will proceed at breakneck velocity.

Jade Helm 15 and UWEX 16

Throughout Jade Helm 15, I warned the nation that these have been drills designed to get rid of any vestige of resistance towards the New World Order takedown of the nation. That is the place the nation will come to know the explanations for the NDAA and the FEMA camps. We’ll quickly enter America’s darkest hour.

What is standing in the best way? The reply is Donald Trump. Nevertheless, the Deep State has managed to create such a quagmire that Trump can get nothing finished. And America’s political fickleness will rear its ugly head to provide the Democrats management of the Home in 2018. And when that occurs, Donald Trump can be impeached. As we speak’s Russian allegations are laying the framework for impeachment. November of 2018 will turn out to be the D-Day to destruction. The globalists have tipped their hand. They may use the Russian menace to impose digital martial regulation. All opposition to the approaching conflict of depopulation will probably be silenced. As Invoice Ayers, Obama’s political benefactor, predicted, tens of millions will disappear.

The Nice Warfare of Depopulation

America has one final process to carry out earlier than it’s laid to relaxation. It should begin the good conflict of depopulation. Keep in mind, the globalists have repeatedly said that they need to scale back the inhabitants by 90% and by any means potential. Out of the ashes will come up the Phoenix of the New World Order.


What Lies Forward?

Voter fraud is now an accepted follow. The Republicans have misplaced or are dropping each single contested race with late-showing ballots the Republicans and the American individuals have a nasty case of cognitive dissonance!  There’s not even a whimper of resistance. And when the elections might be stolen so can every thing else. Katie Hopkins has stated that a new Islamic political get together will seem in 2020 and try and subvert the Structure with Sharia regulation introduced in by voter fraud. Any factor is feasible now that America has surrendered to the Deep State.

Christianity will probably be outlawed and each perversion together with pedophilia might be brazenly practiced. The world will embrace the brand new faith of GAIA. A brand new servant class, drawn from the small variety of “deplorables” will service the brand new elite who may have morphed into some type of existence which would be the results of transhumanism. Devil will firmly be in command of planet.


Might these be the “final days”, I’m not positive, however I might not guess towards it.

Cognitive dissonance and bystander apathy have their hidden worth. Simply assume how historical past might have been totally different if America had seized the chance to help Trump, however that door is shortly closing and it’s closing for the ultimate time. God gave us one last probability to get it proper and we’re collectively slapping away the hand of God and embracing Satanism by default. There isn’t a third choice. When you can’t get on board with saving America, at the least get on board with saving your soul.

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