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Navajo Times 2018 Fall Sports All-Stars – Navajo Times

Navajo Times 2018 Fall Sports All-Stars – Navajo Times

The Navajo Times sports activities division hit a brand new milestone this yr.

There have been 92 nomination types turned in by space highschool coaches for the 2018 Fall Sports season. For sure it was no straightforward process however the sports activities employees vetted by way of a ton of nominations over the previous few days.

There have been loads of candidates to think about for our annual All-Star alternatives and because of the excessive variety of nominations this yr’s listing is a bit of bigger than what we’ve had up to now.

As all the time we attempt to acknowledge all of our student-athletes, from the bigger faculties to a number of the smaller packages.

On Friday, Dec. 7, we’ll honor all the All-Stars at an awards ceremony on the Phil Thomas Performing Arts Middle in Shiprock. This occasion is free and open to the general public.

The doorways will open at 9 a.m. with the primary photograph session starting at 10 a.m. All athletes named to the All-Star record are inspired to deliver their uniform tops.

Following the photograph session we’ll go instantly with the awards ceremony and at the moment we’ll identify our athletes and coaches of the yr.

The keynote speaker for our occasion is the honorable Navajo Nation Council Speaker Lorenzo Bates.

File photograph
Web page senior Hayden Gracia (2) tries to guard the ball towards Ganado on this file photograph. The Navajo Times can be honoring the highest native prep athletes for the 2018 Fall Sports season on Friday, Dec. 7 on the Phil Thomas Performing Arts Middle in Shiprock.

Scott Apachito, Alamo Navajo
Dravin Yazzie, Alamo Navajo
Reier Ganadonegro, Alamo Navajo
Cesario Hernandez, Alchesay
Justin James, Alchesay
Tyreck Cosay, Alchesay
Kellen Parrish, Alchesay
Jordan Brooks, Alchesay
Zach Taylor, Aztec
Chad Watkins, Aztec
Angelo Atencio, Bloomfield
Corey Endfield, Blue Ridge
Juan Curley III, Chinle
Darren Woody, Chinle
Roland Lee, Chinle
Jaylan Wagner, Crownpoint
Jesse Andis, Crownpoint
Justin Wolff, Crownpoint
Jeremy Segura, Cuba
Jonah Chiquito, Cuba
Kale Lucas, Farmington
Jacob Ramirez, Gallup
Johnny Blue Eyes, Gallup
Kent Touchine, Gallup
Herman Kee, Ganado
Adriano Wilson, Ganado
Adrian Sidney, Hopi
Keenan Villegas, Hopi
Brandon Ross, Hopi
Cadan Flack, Kirtland Central
Cadyn Hartsfield, Kirtland Central
Jarryd Pollard, Kirtland Central
Isaac Thomas, Kirtland Central
Jacob Franco, Kirtland Central
Seth O’Daniel, Many Farms
Matthew Begay, Many Farms
Morias Vacation, Monument Valley
Andrew Sheppard, Monument Valley
Tyrrell Vacation, Monument Valley
Simeon Thinn, Monument Valley
Tyler Litsui, Monument Valley
Roderick Cly, Monument Valley, Utah
Tanner Tsinniginie, Monument Valley, Utah
Caleb Lameman, Monument Valley, Utah
Dempsey Lincoln, Navajo Pine
Keshawn Nez, Navajo Pine
Lance Morris, Navajo Prep
Dontrell Denetso, Navajo Prep
Adriano Begaye, Navajo Prep
Deondre Begay, Newcomb
Kenny Watchman, Newcomb
Deontay Begay, Newcomb
Tracy Bryant, Newcomb
Tyler Ellison, Newcomb
Larris Castro, Northwest
Todd McDonald, Northwest
Kele Meredith, Web page
Cameron Billy, Web page
Robert Smith, Web page
Hayden Gracia, Web page
Brandon James, Web page
McKay Prepare dinner, Piedra Vista
Corey Lewis, Pinon
Calvert Tsosie, Pinon
Hunter Pipkin, Pink Mesa
Dearan Horse, Pink Mesa
Tyren Hebert, Purple Mesa
Roland Begay, Purple Mesa
Karl Bigman, Purple Mesa
Keanu Smith, Purple Mesa
Vernon Slick, Rock Level
Tylor Tsosie, Rock Level
Tyris Newton, Shiprock
Alfred Sensible, Shiprock
Cody Jake, Thoreau
Orin Chacho, Thoreau
DeShaun Garcia, Thoreau
Justin Leonard, Tohatchi
Christian Miller, Tohatchi
Ryan Begay, Tohatchi
Ty Engle, Tuba Metropolis
Seth Brown, Tuba Metropolis
Albert Mike, Whitehorse
Landon Bob, Whitehorse
Jason Yazzie, Window Rock
Nataah Chief, Window Rock
Demetrius Begay, Window Rock
Anfernee Delgarito, Wingate
Taylor Morgan, Wingate
Leeander Keams, Winslow
Mason Scott, Winslow
Robert Wilbanks, Winslow
Michael Densmore, Winslow
Britt Alcott, Winslow
Landers Shelendewa, Zuni
Jamal Yamutewa, Zuni
Trenell Chavez, Zuni
DeAndre Sanchez, Zuni

File photograph
Wingate senior Latisha Lopez took third place on the New Mexico Class 3A state cross-country meet with a time of 20:23.35. The Navajo Times will probably be honoring the highest native prep athletes for the 2018 Fall Sports season on Friday, Dec. 7 on the Phil Thomas Performing Arts Middle in Shiprock.

Naomi Rustin, Alchesay
Alisia Honyumptewa, Chinle
Nevaeh Scott, Chinle
Mariah Bahe, Chinle
Kaelynn Ashley, Coconino
Janaya Tom, Crownpoint
Kaleigh Shorty, Crownpoint
Melyna Herrera, Cuba
Jasmine Turtle-Morales, Eldorado
Reilly McClanahan, Eldorado
Kamalani Anititlu, Farmington
Jayla McIntosh, Ganado
Kayla Beck, Ganado
Celine Nez, Gallup
Skylar Charlie, Grants
Abigayle Nez, Holbrook
Jaeda Honani, Hopi
Latifah Huma, Hopi
D’Yanni Medina, Jemez Valley
Aisha Ramone, Kirtland Central
Tiajhae Nez, Kirtland Central
Michaela Hawkins, Kirtland Central
Erika Estevan, Laguna-Acoma
Erica Ortiz, Laguna-Acoma
Liyah Begay, Many Farms
Latifah Curley, Many Farms
Tasheena Thompson, Miyamura
Autumn Enote, Miyamura
Kaliea Vicente, Miyamura
McKayla Vacation, Monument Valley, Utah
Mika John, Monument Valley, Utah
Shante Jensen, NACA
Brandy Ray, Navajo Prep
Aleisha Wheeler, Navajo Prep
Ryeshiandall Jim, Newcomb
Alyssa Lee, Northwest
Sofia Bryan, Web page
Miquedah Taliman, Web page
Tylaine Edsitty, Pine Hill
Valuable Robinson, Pinon
Shyla Rogers, Piedra Vista
Mylia Boone, Ramah
Elise Demol, Rehoboth
Nina Bitsilly, Rehoboth
Melanie Bitsilly, Rehoboth
Future Marquez, Santa Fe Indian
Kaydence Platero, Shiprock
Khadija Lapahie, Shiprock
Elena Hardy, Shiprock
Aliandrea Upshaw, St. Michael Indian
Chiara Holgate, St. Michael Indian
Auri Quintana, St. Michael Indian
Audrey Harrison, To’Hajiilee
Holly Tsosie, Thoreau
Shanell Edsitty, Thoreau
Shenelle Zeena, Tuba Metropolis
Nizhoni James, Valley
Valiyah Yazzie, Valley
Bahazhoni Filfred, Whitehorse
Heidi Thomas, Whitehorse
Keyah Jaques, Window Rock
Latisha Lopez, Wingate
Eushawna Nodestine, Winslow
Kate Romancito, Zuni
Shante Natewa, Zuni
Shania Chavez, Zuni

Lane Apachito, Alamo Navajo
Cedrick Tessay, Alchesay
Isaiah Honyumptewa, Chinle
Kordell McMillian, Crownpoint
Deangelo Herrera, Cuba
Osiris Putnam, Cuba
Benjamin Jacquez, Farmington
Demetri Begay, Gallup
Marquez Smith, Ganado
Ty Poola, Greyhills Academy
Jihad Nodman, Hopi
DeWayne Laban, Hopi
Milton Tessay, Hopi
Justin Madalena, Jemez Valley
Justin Gachupin, Jemez Valley
Kashon Harrison, Kirtland Central
Osean Nez, Kirtland Central
Jacob Hawkins, Kirtland Central
Kevin Martin, Laguna-Acoma
Quintyler Yazzie, Many Farms
Ty McCray, Miyamura
Tayan Benson, Miyamura
Rylie Watson, Miyamura
Cayden Smith, Monument Valley
Autry Laughter, Monument Valley
Michael John, Monument Valley, Utah
Galvin Curley, Navajo Pine
Michael Marshall, Navajo Pine
Dominique Clichee, Navajo Pine
Marallus Chee, Navajo Pine
Micah Tsosie, Navajo Pine
Tyrese Begay, Navajo Prep
Trejan Clichee, Navajo Prep
Torrell Tracy, Newcomb
Nalzheii Lonetree, Northland Prep
Malakai Hanson, Northland Prep
Ryan McDonald, Northwest
Bowen Martin, Web page
Morgan Fowler, Web page
Trent Vacation, Web page
Skylar Sandoval, Web page
Lance Harris, Web page
Triston Charles, Piedra Vista
Ethan Lacey, Piedra Vista
Justin Franklin, Pine Hill
Joseph Niiha, Rehoboth
Ral’Shaun Descheny, Rock Level
Christopher Humetwa, Santa Fe Indian
Isaiah Velasquez, Santa Fe Indian
Marcus Concho, Santa Fe Indian
Colton Willie, Shiprock
Trystan Hale, Shiprock
Trey Holgate, St. Michael
Dallen Plummer, Thoreau
Trenton Apache, To’Hajiilee
Melvin Scott, Tohatchi
Farrell Chavez, Tsé Yi’ Gai
Aaron Simien, Tuba Metropolis
Isaac Simien, Tuba Metropolis
Justin James, Valley
Xavier Martin, Whitehorse
Weston Manygoats, Whitehorse
Josh LaFontaine, Window Rock
Kyren McCray, Wingate
Noral Cooper, Winslow
Deshawan Goodwin, Zuni
Jacy Edaakie, Zuni
Dominic Yuselew, Zuni
Jarek Chimoni-Zunie, Zuni
Kameron Eustace, Zuni

File photograph
Ganado’s Tymara Tracy goes up for an assault towards Chinle earlier this yr. The Navajo Times might be honoring the highest native prep athletes for the 2018 Fall Sports season on Friday, Dec. 7 on the Phil Thomas Performing Arts Middle in Shiprock.

Alayah Chavez, Alamo Navajo
Cle-Nah-Pah Yazzie, Alamo Navajo
Tea Murray, Chinle
Temitra Totsoni, Chinle
Jazlin Sneddy, Crownpoint
Stancy Chavez, Cuba
Neola Toledo, Cuba
Caitlyn Duncan, Dulce
Jaelynn Reval, Dulce
Jasmine Salazar, Dulce
Alancia Herrera, Dulce
Gracelyn Nez, Flagstaff
Devynn Hatathlie, Flagstaff
Tymara Tracy, Ganado
Tiara Prepare dinner, Ganado
Amanda Goldtooth, Greyhills
Mykayla Zahne, Greyhills
Madison Chappell, Holbrook
Sydney Plumb, Holbrook
Jada Pooyouma, Hopi
Kambree Pierro, Kirtland Central
Gabrianna White-David, Kirtland Central
Peanut Dryden, Kirtland Central
Kourtney Lewis, Magdalena
Matejka Abeita, Miyamura
Lillian Lewis, Miyamura
Mariah Livingston, Miyamura
Cree John, Monument Valley
Helen Salt, Monument Valley
Kaylee Begay, Monument Valley
Ervianne Cly, Monument Valley, Utah
Kaylin Bedonie, Monument Valley, Utah
Jasmine Staley, Monument Valley, Utah
Jordan Louis, Navajo Pine
Taina Sandoval, Navajo Prep
Hailey Martin, Navajo Prep
Kariah Wilson, Navajo Prep
Shaina Brown, Newcomb
Jerilyn Begay, Northwest
Rainey Hoskie, Web page
Emma Yazzie, Web page
D’Kota Begay, Web page
Rylie Daniels, Pine Hill
Pleasure Pino, Pine Hill
Maurie Daniels, Pine Hill
Emerald Ben, Pinon
Amaya Yazzie, Pinon
Cara Begay, Pink Mesa
Vanessa Martinez, Purple Mesa
Lexus Scott, Pink Valley Cove
Kennedi Chapman, Rehoboth
Jayme Daniels, Rehoboth
Patricia Chavira, Rehoboth
Tamira John, Rock Level
Chasity White, Rock Level
Charmaine LeeLong, Rock Level
Shania Hooke, San Carlos
Nakooma Pelt, Sandia
Marlene Yazzie, Santa Fe Indian
Shundeen Martin, Tohatchi
Cameron Tsosie, Tohatchi
Jalena Begay, Thoreau
Adela Sena, Thoreau
Ronesha Chiquito, Tsé Yi’ Gai
Tianalee Jim, Tsé Yi’ Gai
Jayda Chee, Tuba Metropolis
Mikeya Sheppard, Tuba Metropolis
Camille Secatero, Tuba Metropolis
Krishauna Riggs, Tuba Metropolis
Gracie Henderson, Tuba Metropolis
Jana Solee, Window Rock
Aliyah Freeman, Window Rock
Sieyanne Platero, Wingate
Justin Butterfield, Winslow
Deshi Kinlacheeny, Winslow
Kelli Mitchell, Winslow

Francisco Villegas, Aztec
James Schryver, Farmington
Memphis Toledo, Farmington
Justin Alhm, Farmington
Erik Quintana, Farmington
Andres Aquilera, Holbrook
Anesio Villegas, Kirtland Central
Mykal Nocki, Kirtland Central
Ethan Yazzie, Kirtland Central
Kyler Joe, Kirtland Central
Jordan Varner, Web page
Andrew Mowbray, Web page
Kobe Norcross, Web page
Stu Sandall, Web page
Logan Sewell, Piedra Vista
Triston Charles, Piedra Vista

Autumn Roundy, Aztec
Sierra Villinueva, Aztec
Teija Garcia, Bloomfield
Vanessa Para, Bloomfield
Holly Hill, Holbrook
Jayden Guillory, Kirtland Central
Marissa Henry, Kirtland Central
Hayden Alldredge, Kirtland Central
Nikkinna Begay, Kirtland Central
Naakii Brown, Navajo Prep
Kylie Begay, Navajo Prep
Geena Tsosie, Navajo Prep
Mya Benally, Navajo Prep
Bethany Silva, Rehoboth
Aleya Bia, Rehoboth
Kendra Henry, Rehoboth
Grace Huizinga, Rehoboth
Teija Garcia, Miyamura
Justus Manuelito, Miyamura
Kim Preller, Web page
Taytum Lund, Web page
Kelsey Smith, Web page
Ann Connelly, Web page

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