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How An EMP Attack Could Turn Into An Extinction Level Event – Dave Hodges

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Given what I discovered concerning the unusual occasions surrounding the Grid Ex II drill and the obvious Chinese language takeover of our photo voltaic power, plus the truth that a Chinese language photo voltaic power zone is situated close to the Palo Verde Nuclear Energy Plant, in addition to a number of different energy crops, I’m slightly greater than suspicious concerning the lack of preparation. This skepticism is fueled by the rejection of the earlier relentless efforts of former Arizona Congressman Trent Franks and his makes an attempt to convey the to nationwide consideration the vulnerability of America’s grid as a result of a EMP assault. The place the investigation got here up brief was within the space of a widespread and catastrophic nuclear meltdown of our nuclear energy crops for a spread causes. Probably the most catastrophic and lethal purpose can be associated to a protracted energy outage.

Subsequently, I made a decision to look at the probability of a monumental nuclear disaster on this nation resulting from a take down of the facility grid. All discussions a few catastrophic failure of any nuclear facility should start with a cursory evaluation of what we now have discovered concerning the Fukushima occasion. Does anybody else odor the presence of the Chinese language by means of all of this given what we find out about Chinese language Photo voltaic Power Zones in the USA and their proximity to a number of nuclear energy crops? And once we couple our suspicions of the Chinese language, we should add within the United Nations. The United Nations have proven shocking and regarding curiosity in surviving a grid down state of affairs. This shall be coated on this report as properly.

To set the tone for this info, I need to remind the readers of a quote made well-known by the last word globalist, Henry Kissinger.

“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated (EDITOR’S NOTE; IE–FALSE FLAG), that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

– Henry Kissinger in an handle to the Bilderberger assembly at Evian, France, Might 21, 1992.

It’s the rivalry of the CSS, that a deliberate grid down state of affairs is deliberate and UN has already been prepositioned to reply underneath the Kigali Rules which can permit the UN to maneuver in and declare martial regulation.

Many individuals who comply with the work of the CSS will acknowledge the next pictures obtained and revealed by Paul Martin and myself earlier this yr. The next is one among 5 separate pictures obtained by Paul Martin and myself from a intelligence supply again in April of this yr.

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The publishing of this photograph led to an explosion of comparable pictures being despatched to the CSS as properly. Right here is an instance of what was put in in Aurora, Colorado.

The circulate of data on this space has not ended. Yesterday, Paul Martin knowledgeable me that he, as soon as once more, acquired info from our intelligence supply. This time, the knowledge signifies that Wyoming is planning for an extended-time period energy outage. This parallels what’s going on in different states  (eg Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, and so forth). The title of the report is as follows:

“All Hazards Planning Lengthy-Time period Energy Outage-Hearth Chiefs Rural Hearth Affiliation                  30 November 2018“

Paul and I mentioned a number of the contents of the report however it’s largely a rehash of the current FEMA warning that People ought to be ready to with out electrical energy for six months.

In yesterday’s article, I mentioned how individuals who die following a protracted grid down . What I deliberately overlooked is what might occur to our nuclear energy plant business. This might be the proverbial kill shot. If the next does happen, this marks the top of the US authorities, the Structure and nationwide sovereignty. It might very nicely mark the top of humanity as we presently perceive it.  With a view to take inventory of probably the most lethal menace dealing with America, we should begin with Fukushima.

Classes Discovered from Fukushima

Fukushima is usually spoken of by many, as a attainable extinction degree occasion due to the radiation menace. Fukushima continues to wreak havoc upon the world and in the USA as we’re being bathed in lethal radiation from this occasion.

Coming to a neighborhood near you.

Due to Fukushima, fish have gotten inedible and the ocean currents in addition to the prevailing ocean winds are carrying lethal radiation. Undoubtedly, by this time, the radioactivity has made its approach into the transpiration cycle which signifies that crops are being dowsed with lethal radiation. The radiation has undoubtedly made its approach into the water desk in lots of areas and impacts each facet of the meals provide. The well being prices to human beings is incalculable. Nevertheless, this text is just not concerning the devastation at Fukushima, as an alternative, this text focuses on the truth that North America might have a complete of 124 Fukushima occasions if the required circumstances have been current. Fukushima supplies the contextual background to proceed with this evaluation.

A Festering Drawback

Lengthy earlier than Fukushima, American regulators knew that a energy failure lasting for days involving the facility grid related to a nuclear plant, whatever the trigger, would most certainly result in a harmful radioactive leak in at the very least a number of nuclear energy crops. A full lack of electrical energy poses a serious drawback for nuclear energy crops as a result of the reactor core have to be stored cool in addition to the again-up cooling techniques, all of which require large quantities of energy to work. Heretofore, all of the NERC drills which check the readiness of a nuclear energy plant are predicated on the notion that a blackout will solely final 24 hours or much less. Amazingly, that is the sum complete of a NERC litmus check.   Though we have now the know-how wanted to harden and shield our grid from an EMP occasion, whether or not pure or man-made, we now have failed to take action. The fee for shielding your complete grid is positioned at about the price for one B-1 Stealth Bomber. But, as a nation, we’ve accomplished nothing. That is inexplicable and inexcusable.

Within the earlier article, I famous how the collective inaction towards defending the grid prompted former Arizona Congressman, Trent Franks, to put in writing a scathing letter to the highest officers of NERC. Nevertheless, the great Congressman failed to say an important facet of this drawback. The issue is totally fixable and NERC and the US authorities are leaving the American individuals and its infrastructure completely unprotected from a complete meltdown of nuclear energy crops because of a protracted energy failure.

In response to Judy Haar, a acknowledged professional in nuclear plant failure analyses, when a nuclear energy plant loses entry to off-grid electrical energy, the occasion is known as a “station blackout”. Haar states that each one 104 US nuclear energy crops are constructed to face up to electrical outages with out experiencing any core injury, by means of the activation of an automated begin up of emergency turbines powered by diesel. Additional, when emergency energy kicks in, an automated shutdown of the nuclear energy plant commences. The damaging management rods are dropped into the core, whereas water is pumped by the diesel energy turbines into the reactor to scale back the warmth and thus, forestall a meltdown. Right here is the catch on this course of, the spent gasoline rods are encased in each a main and secondary containment construction which is designed to face up to a core meltdown. Nevertheless, ought to the pumps cease as a result of both the turbines fail or diesel gasoline isn’t out there, the gasoline rods are subsequently uncovered and a Fukushima sort of core meltdown commences instantly. At this level, I took Judy Haar’s feedback to a supply of mine on the Palo Verde Nuclear energy plant. My supply knowledgeable me that as per NERC coverage, nuclear energy crops are required to have sufficient diesel gasoline to run for a interval of seven days. Some crops have thirty days of diesel. That is the excellent news, however it’s all downhill from right here.

An extended-time period lack of outdoors electrical energy will most definitely interrupt the circulation of cooling water to the swimming pools. One other certainly one of my Palo Verde nuclear energy plant sources knowledgeable me that there isn’t any long run answer to an influence blackout and that each one bets are off if the blackout is because of an EMP assault. A extra detailed evaluation reveals that the spent gasoline swimming pools carry depleted gasoline for the reactor. Usually, this spent gasoline has had time to significantly decay and subsequently, decreasing radioactivity and warmth. Nevertheless, the newer discharged gasoline nonetheless produces warmth and wishes cooling. Housed in excessive density storage racks, contained in buildings that vent immediately into the environment, radiation containment is just not accounted for with regard to the spent gasoline racks. In different phrases, there isn’t any seize mechanism. On this state of affairs, accompanied by a prolonged electrical outage, and with the emergency energy waning resulting from both generator failure or a scarcity of diesel wanted to energy the turbines, the plant might lose the power to offer cooling. The water will subsequently warmth up, boil away and uncover the spent gasoline rods which required being coated in a minimum of 25 ft of water to stay benign from any deleterious results. Finally, this may result in fires as nicely and the discharge of radioactivity into the environment. This may be the start of one other Fukushima occasion proper right here on American soil. Each my supply and Haar shared precisely the identical state of affairs about how a meltdown would happen. Subsequently, I spoke with Roger Landry who labored for Raytheon in numerous Division of Protection tasks for 28 years, lots of them on this area and Roger additionally confirmed this info and that the above info is well-known within the business. Once I look at Congressman Franks letter to NERC and I learn between the strains, it’s clear that Franks is aware of of this danger as properly, he simply stops in need of particularly mentioning it in his letter.

An evaluation of particular person plant dangers launched in 2003 by the Nuclear Regulatory Fee exhibits that for 39 of the 104 nuclear reactors, the danger of core injury from a blackout was larger than 1 in 100,000. At 45 different crops the danger is bigger than 1 in 1 million, the edge NRC is utilizing to find out which extreme accidents must be evaluated in its newest evaluation. In line with the Nuclear Regulatory Fee, the Beaver Valley Energy Station, Unit 1, in Pennsylvania has the best danger of experiencing a core meltdown, 6.5 in 100,000, in accordance with the evaluation. These odds don’t sound like a lot till you contemplate that we now have 124 nuclear energy producing crops within the US and Canada and once we think about every particular person facility, the chances of failure climb. How many meltdowns wouldn’t it take on this nation earlier than our residents can be condemned to the hellish nightmare, or worse, being skilled by the Japanese?

A widespread energy outage, taking down 124 nuclear energy crops in North America can be Fukushima occasions 124.

Not one of the NERC, or the Nuclear Regulatory checks of dealing with a protracted blackout at a nuclear energy plant has answered two important questions, “What happens when these nuclear power plants run out of diesel fuel needed to run the generators”, and “What happens when some of these generators fail”? Within the occasion of an EMP assault, can tanker vans with diesel gasoline get to all the nuclear energy crops within the US in time to re-gasoline them earlier than they cease operating? Will tanker vans even be operating themselves within the aftermath of an EMP assault? And within the occasion of an EMP assault, it isn’t doubtless that any plant which runs low on gasoline, or has a generator malfunctions, will ever get any assist to mitigate the disaster previous to a plethora of meltdowns occurring. Thus, each nuclear energy plant within the nation has the potential to trigger a Chernobyl or Fukushima sort accident if our nation is hit by an EMP assault.


…And There Is Extra…

The ramifications raised within the earlier paragraphs are vital. What if the blackout lasts longer than 24 hours? What if the rationale for the blackout is an EMP burst brought on by a excessive altitude nuclear blast and transportation involves a standstill? On this occasion, the cavalry just isn’t coming. Including gasoline to the hearth lies in the truth that the facility transformers presently take no less than one yr to exchange. Right now, there’s a three yr backlog on ordering as a result of so many have been ordered by China. This makes one marvel what the Chinese language are getting ready for with these a number of orders for each transformers and turbines. After which why is the UN prepositioning EMP proof communications gear in locations like Wyoming and Colorado?

Briefly, our unpreparedness is a prescription for catastrophe. As a byproduct of my investigation, I’ve found that the majority, if not all, of the nuclear energy crops are on recognized earthquake fault strains. All of California’s nuclear energy crops are situated on an earthquake fault line. Can anybody inform me why would anybody of their proper thoughts construct a nuclear energy plant on a fault line? To see the depth of this menace you’ll be able to go to an interactive, overlay map at this website.

I’ve studied this concern for a number of years and that is probably the most elusive matter that I’ve ever investigated. The extra information I collect about the specter of a mass nuclear meltdown on this nation, the extra questions I understand that these questions are going unanswered. With regard to the nuclear energy business we’ve the proverbial tiger by the tail. FORMER DHS DIRECTOR, JANET NAPOLITANO, STATED THAT IT WAS MATTER OF WHEN, NOT IF, THE POWER GRID WOULD FAIL

It is just a matter of time till this state of affairs for catastrophe involves fruition. Our collective negligence and excessive degree of utmost wicked indifference on the a part of NERC is legal as a result of that is certainly an Extinction Level Event. georgia guidestonesOn the finish of the day, can anybody inform me why would any nation be so negligent as to not present its nuclear crops a idiot proof technique to chill the secondary processes of its nuclear supplies in any respect of its crops? Why would ANY nuclear energy plant be constructed on an earthquake fault line? Why are we even utilizing nuclear power beneath these circumstances? And why are we permitting the Chinese language to park proper subsequent door to so many nuclear energy crops?

Lastly, this isn’t only a deliberate UN takeover, this can be a demonic possession of the very best order. The ultimate evaluation of this situation must be debated within the religious realm.

From a religious perspective, I’ve maintained and revealed my perception that the Earth is being terraformed and it isn’t being modified for people. If the reader would refer again to my dialogue about my colleagues involvement with Enron, the context of this remark must be clear.

Briefly, the Earth is being modified to get rid of us from dwelling right here. Steve Quayle and I are planning a two hour evaluation of this concern within the close to future.

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